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Spark is a company that is firmly convinced that good earphones must be able to bring users wonderful music experience. So, we invented Spark Headphones that bring an awesome experience and memory. Spark headphones owns great originality in concept, design, material selection to fabrication.


The Spark Headphone Team

Vikrant Rayate / Founder

Engineer by trade and has been passionate about converting concept into ideas and products. This concept provided an opportunity to solve a problem and provide fashionable better quality headphones.

Jeton Selimi / Design & Development

Jet has been designing and developing products from 8 years. He helped us to get this concept into development and ultimately into physical product. His experience with various products has been very useful to bring this into reality.

Ranjit Roy / Business Advisor

Ranjit has been running consulting and business for 30 years. He is also specialist in manufacturing process optimization achieved by process and product design. This has greatly help us in manufacturing and maintaining high quality.

Michael Sue / Legal Advisor

He has been in practice for 15 years. He has greatly help with the legal aspect of the business. He will be key role in import and export of these headphones, and potential customer agreements.

Gee Briones / Website Development

Gee works on the back end of the campaign. She developed the website and has been maintaining ever since. 

Jon Bybee / Creative Director

Jon has 20 plus of product design, branding, web UX and illustration experience. He has been the Creative Director for multiple firms and has wide range of experience in all-things creative.